Meet Our Partner: Sharing Life

The Blocking Hunger Foundation would not be able to provide meals and support to children in need without our partner, Sharing Life Community Outreach. Sharing Life helps us distribute and deliver the meals and food that stock our Travis’ Pantries and fill our Nourish2Flourish backpacks!

Sharing Life shares our passion for helping children and families in the Dallas-Fort Worth community. Together, we hope to decrease the amount of children who face food insecurity in the DFW Metroplex. Read more about our partnership with Sharing Life and the impact they have in the lives of those who depend on their services. 

Sharing Life is a trusted source of help and hope for the community. People facing a crisis know that Sharing Life is a safe place to turn for immediate help. Their 22-year history of serving their neighbors has earned them the status of a trusted brand. 

Sharing Life is a public charity providing programs and services to people who live in poverty or experience a financial crisis. The organization strives to end hunger and poverty by demonstrating compassion to those in need through food, clothing, financial resources, and educational programs. It is the only organization serving and providing full wrap-around services to Southeastern Dallas County, Kaufman County and Rockwall County. Sharing Life regularly collaborates with the City of Mesquite, City of Dallas, and Mesquite ISD to avoid duplication of services and to serve the community well.

Sharing Life was first founded in 1999 as a food pantry. In 2015, Sharing Life became the first Hub in the North Texas Food Bank’s new distribution model. This model is what helps provide food to our pantries and fill our Nourish2Flourish backpacks during school breaks.

Their largest goal is to eliminate hunger. This is why when Travis Frederick approached Sharing Life to partner with the Blocking Hunger Foundation, they said yes. Child hunger is staggering in the Dallas-Fort Worth community, especially when schools are out for breaks and holidays. “Our relationship with the Blocking Hunger Foundation is a perfect fit,” said Executive Director/CEO of Sharing Life, Teresa Jackson. “Our shared program is vital to the health of thousands of local children,” said Jackson. 

Together, the Blocking Hunger Foundation and Sharing Life are working together to provide meals to as many children as possible. For Sharing Life, their goal is to expand their child hunger alleviation program until every child in need is fed and the Blocking Hunger Foundation allows Sharing Life to do exactly that.

When Teresa Jackson was asked about the feedback she has received first hand from the children and families who depend on Blocking Hunger’s services and the meals provided by Sharing Life, she responded with the following. 

“Oh, the stories I could tell! I am still moved to tears each time a mother tells me she was hopeless because she couldn’t figure out how to feed her children nutritious meals during school breaks until she heard about Nourish2Flourish. I have seen the faces of young children light up when they get their backpack and realize all the food in that bag is just for them! I have watched as children became excited because they were given fresh fruit- apples and grapes, not a bike or new toys. That is humbling,” said Jackson.

Since March of 2020, Sharing Life has provided millions of dollars in financial assistance. On average, Sharing Life is providing over one million pounds of food per month to food insecure families and neighbors; they currently serve over 500,000 individuals! 

Working at Sharing Life takes a unique talent and heart. Teresa Jackson and her staff have served the Dallas-Fort Worth community for years and continue to make a meaningful difference through their roles at Sharing Life. 

“As the founder of Sharing Life, every aspect of my life has been touched by this important work. I have become more compassionate and understanding. I have become more knowledgeable about systemic poverty, racism, and classism. I have also been part of many opportunities where the small gift of one person’s time or resources changed a life. I love seeing the relief on the faces of our clients when they receive food. It is satisfying to see them leave with healthy foods they enjoy eating and that are also good for them nutritionally. Food pantries used to be about shelf stable products. Not anymore,” stated Jackson. 

If you are interested in  learning more about Sharing Life, please visit their website. Sharing Life is in need of volunteers now more than ever. You can also give to the Blocking Hunger Foundation to support our Nourish2Flourish program and volunteer with Sharing Life to stuff these backpacks. They are also accepting food donations for the Nourish2Flourish program. 

“The more people and money we have, the more children we can feed!” - Teresa Jackson.