Our Programs

Travis' Pantry

Children who face food insecurity and hunger depend on the free and reduced school meal programs provided by the USDA. But what happens when that child goes home after school? Often, that child does not know where their next meal will come from until school the next day.

Travis’ Pantries provide children with the opportunity to go to a fully stocked pantry in their school and fill bags with food and produce. Children then take those bags of food home with them to ensure they have a next meal before school the next day or over the weekend.

Our pantries are located in schools where many students face food insecurity. We wanted our pantries to be in places where children were not already being served. So, if we can’t continue to support and provide meals to these students, they go hungry again.


Our Nourish2Flourish program helps close the gap between long breaks from school and children getting the meals they depend on. During extended breaks like spring break or summer vacation, kids don’t get the meals from school that they depend on.

Nourish2Flourish provides children with backpacks full of food for the week. Each backpack is filled with five breakfasts and lunches for the week in addition to fresh produce, snacks and drinks. The students who receive these backpacks throughout the breaks depend on the meals provided until school starts again.

Support Our Goal

These programs would not be possible without your generous support. Did you know a donation of $25 can feed a child for two weeks? Help us expand our impact and provide more meals to more students!


Volunteer With Us

We partner with an amazing organization called Sharing Life. Sharing Life helps us fulfill our mission and programs and distribute meals to students.